• 2020 Leave Your Print Challenge Overview

    What is the Leave Your Print Challenge?Leave Your Print logo
    Leave Your Print is an online challenge to gather ideas to help the Sitka School District better serve students and families. It is part of the district’s strategic planning process. The challenge includes students, staff, families, and the community. Leave Your Print uses the Innovate K12 platform.

    Challenge Question
: What positive ideas can the Sitka School District implement to better serve students and families?

    Idea Phase (Jan 6-Feb 2, 2020)
    Sign up for an account at tinyurl.com/SitkaPrint.
    Post an idea that will help the school district better serve students and families.
    Comment on and rate ideas.
    Leave your print!

    Comment and Rate Ideas (Feb 3-9, 2020)
    Log in to review all of the ideas submitted.
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    Pairwise Voting (Feb 10-23, 2020)
    Log in for pairwise voting. Choose the better idea from a pair of ideas. Vote once or vote a hundred times! Voting is fast and fun. Log in as many days and times as you like. Leave your print!

    Human-Centered Design Process (March 2-3, 2020)
    The person who submitted the idea that got the most votes along with others who submitted similar ideas and/or are involved in the topic associated with the top vote-getting idea are invited to a workshop where participants engage in an empathy tour to better understand the topic and develop a lean prototype that can be implemented within a short timeframe. A Design Team is formed from participants to evolve the topic over time.

    The school district will create a Strategic Plan using the top idea from the challenge.


    Dashboard showing involvment in the challenge

    A number of Great Ideas were submitted during our 2020 challenge that we already do at some level and other Great Ideas are being considered for implementation outside of the strategic plan process. Below are the ideas that are already included in district operations at some level. Thank you for all of the 186 Great Ideas!

    •  Technology-Related Ideas:
      • Bring Back Wifi for Sitka High School: Wifi access has changed at Sitka High School, as students were using the available bandwidth for non-academic purposes that interfered with the ability to use the internet for classroom learning activities. Wifi is still available if a student needs to use it to support their school work and school administration can turn on the Guest Access at anytime that is needed for sanctioned school wide use.

      • One-to-One Devices: The district has been working for many years to get to the point where we have a one-to-one ratio of students to devices available at school. Additionally, we will be using our COVID-19 funding to purchase an iPad for K-8 students that can go home with them and we have requested from the City's COVID-19 funding to purchase a laptop for 9-12 students that will also go home with them. The goal is to ensure that every student has access to a device whether they are learning in a classroom or learning at home during periods of remote learning.

      • Bring Back the Learning Management System such as Schoology: Schoology continues to be our district's Learning Management System; however, during the 2019-20 school year some schools wanted to pilot PowerSchool's Unified classroom Learning Management System to see if it would be 100% integrated with our PowerSchool Student Management System and still provide the same functionality as Schoology.

    • Programmatic Ideas/Processes:
      • Place-based Science at All Grades: Some of our Science instruction is already place-based (e.g., Field Science class at Sitka High School). The School Board adopted new K-12 Science Standards at the May 2020 School Board meeting, which means a committee of teachers will be meeting during the 2020-21 school year to examine Science instruction at all grades.

      • Conflict Resolution Guidance: The district has begun to put our policies and processes for resolving conflicts into a flyer format that will be available on our website and in school and district offices. The hope is that if a staff, student, family, or community member is frustrated with something that happened in our schools they have ready access to know the process to provide feedback and/or resolve any conflicts that may have arisen in the process.

    • Class Ideas:
      • Personal Finance Class: The Sitka High School Math Department offers multiple sections of an elective personal finance class that helps students learn about taxes, investment, as well as managing personal finances.

      • Vocational/Trade Education: Sitka High School has a robust Career and Technical Education (CTE) program that includes construction, woodworking, welding, car mechanic including diesel engines, small engine repair, basic car care, fabrication and design, health occupations, and computer programming. Many of these programs can lead to certifications. Pacific High School offers a culinary arts program. We maximize the staffing and physical space available to offer as many CTE programs as we can for students. Additionally, we partner with the Sitka Campus of the University of Alaska Southeast to support students who want to take advantage of CTE programs and certifications offered through dual credit opportunities.

      • Home Economics Class: All of our secondary schools offer a cooking class that helps students develop skills related to food and nutrition.

    • Misc. Ideas:
      • Longer Timeframe for Maternity/Paternity Leave: The timeframe in which teachers can take their maternity/paternity leave is established by the Sitka Education Association's negotiated agreement. The timeframe was extended in the 3-year agreement that started with the 2019-20 school year.

      • Social Interaction Group Games During Recess: A few years ago both Baranof and Keet Gooshi Heen Elementary Schools received a grant that provided training in PlayWorks; however, over the years the staff members trained retired, moved to other schools, and/or left the district. Both schools have again decided to offer training in Playworks to refresh the use of these effective group games that build and support Social Emotional Learning skills.

      • Idle-free Zone Outside Wooch.een and All Schools: All schools currently have signs indicating they are idle-free. Wooch.een Preschool is not on school district property so we do not have the ability to post signs like we do at our other buildings.

      • Guaranteed Inclusion of Alaska Natives in School Hiring Processes: All hiring committees except for the superintendent must include someone of Alaska Native heritage. The hiring committee for the superintendent is the School Board, who are elected by the community and may or may not include someone of Alaska Native heritage. 

      • Garden at Baranof: Pacific High School has a garden program and is located on the same block as Baranof Elementary School. The two schools have already fenced in a rarely-used part of the Baranof playground in order to create a shared garden space, and through our partnership with Sitka Tribe of Alaska we are in the process of erecting a greenhouse that will function as an outside classroom in this shared space. 

      • Pursuing Grants: When the district identifies a need (e.g., Social Emotional Learning so we can meet the School Board Goal of increasing the connectedness in our schools) we conduct research to identify best practices and develop an implementation plan to help us achieve our goals. Since district funding is often limited we examine funding options, such as grants, to help us build capacity in the identified area. We do not engage in grants outside of areas identified as part of our strategic programming to achieve our School Board Goals and/or mandated responsibilities.

      • Declaration of Climate Emergency: In our annual meeting with the Sitka High School Student Government this year they asked the School Board to consider adopting a resolution declaring a climate emergency. The individual members of the School Board present for that discussion expressed being open to that item added to an upcoming School Board meeting.