• Sitka Riches Grant
    Alaska Learning Network (AKLN) Digital Sandbox Grant (Spring 2012)
    The community of Sitka has a rich and unique history with many noted marks on the historical timeline. Under the tutelage of Dr. Jason Ohler, 4th grade students in Jan Love's class and 7th grade students in Emily Demmert’s class created digital stories that articulate the human side of what makes Sitka rich. Sitka’s Riches serves as a demonstration project that could be done in any location, thus allowing the unique stories of every community to become part of the rich living history that makes Alaska Alaska. In addition to the student-created movies, a Teaching Packet is included to assist with the implementation process.
    The grant artifacts are included below, and are also available in the AKLN Digital Sandbox.
    4th Grade Project:
    7th Grade Project: