• FAQ's
    Below are some responses to the questions we have been getting.
    If you have a question, that you would like to submit for entry on our FAQ site, please email the webmaster.
    BROWSERQ: Why I can't see all the menu items?

         A: Try clearing your browser's cache.   Click the link for IE 9 Specific Instructions

     Q: How do I see just one school's calendar.

         A: Go to that school's site and click on the Events events icon   icon or  "View 
         Calendar"  at the bottom right of the school site's page.

    Q: Can I get rid of all the colored boxes above the calendar?

         A: Yes, each of the boxes stands for an activity type. Click the pencil next to 
    "Categories" to edit and choose only the ones you would like to see. 

         For more tips on calendar customization, click the media of your choice.
         Calendar Customization:         Adobe pdf. pdf    video video

    Q: Can I see 2 school's calendars and activities combined one one calendar?

         A: Yes, click the pencil to next to "Calendars" to choose what calendars you 
         want to see on merged onto one calendar.
         For more tips on calendar customization
         Calendar Customization:  Adobe pdf. 
    pdf    videovideo
    GRADESQ: How do I see student grades/attendance
         A: You will need to get a password and login from school. Currently, BMS and 
         SHS students' grades and attendance are available. Once you have that
         info, click on the Grades icon grades  on any page.

         BMS: Contact Kim Gleason 966-1400 email
         SHS: Contact Sondra Lundvick 966-1904 email
    REGISTRATION   Q: How do I register?

         A: Click the words "Register" in the blue bar above the menu bar and fill in the 
         requested information.

    Q: Why would I want to register?

         A: It will allow you to receive updates to sites and pages.
    Q: How do use Search on this Site?

         A: Type in a possible key word. The search engine searches the text found on
         the pages.
         It may not find words that are in attached documents, pdf, or other media.   
     Q: How do I find staff email addresses and phone numbers?

         A: Click on the "Contact"  contact  icon. or go to "District" on the menu bar
         and drag to "Directory." This will take you to a searchable file page.
         Enter in any information you may know, i.e. last name, first name, building
         initials, and then click the "Submit" button.