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    Bringing Life to Learning


    Exploration is the foundation of learning. Our Full STEAM Ahead mobile makerspace is designed to inspire creativity and build problem-solving skills in individuals of all ages. Focused on the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM), our mobile learning space brings life to learning.

    Sitka Schools has a well-developed Fabrication and Design Lab (Fab Lab) and an award-winning Robotics program at our comprehensive high school. A need was identified to bring this engaged, purposeful, irresistible learning to every student in the district, as well as create a feeder program for the Fab Lab and Robotics program. Thus the mobile makerspace cart was created.
    Focus Activities:
    • Coding
    • Electronics
    • Using recycled and found objects

    Creation Process:

    • 2015-16: Design Team [2 Space Designers, 1 Researcher, 1 Student, and 1 Administrator]
    • 2016-17: Launch 1 mobile makerspace cart to stay at a school 4-6 weeks at a time with Support Team [1 Sitka Winter Fellow to person the cart, 1 Researcher, 1 Student, and 2 Administrators]
    • 2017-18: Create mini mobile makerspace carts at elementary and middle schools, and place main makerspace cart at alternative high school with Support Team [1 Sitka Winter Fellow to person the cart and 2 Administrators]