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  • The Sitka School District (SSD) is a K-12 public school district serving about 1,150 students who live in Sitka, Alaska. Sitka is one of the top five largest cities in Alaska with about 9,000 residents. Sitka is located on the western edge of Baranof Island and faces the Gulf of Alaska.
    Picturesque and welcoming, Sitka has a strong sense of community and commitment to our students. We live on a rock at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, and we know what is important in life!
    Enrollment for the upcoming school year (2022-2023) is now open. Visit our Online Enrollment page for more information.
  • Our mission statement:

    The Sitka School District will intentionally develop

    Haa Latseení
    (Our Strength of Mind, Body, and Spirit)

    to inspire and prepare students to be compassionate, empowered, and equipped critical thinkers within a global community.

  • Our SSD COVID Dashboard has now moved to our COVID-19 page. Please visit this link to navigate there.

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